Review: Fastmail

Who pays for email these days? I do, and so should you. Here's why Fastmail is worth every penny.

Fastest, slickest web interface currently available

Their web/mobile interface isn't some sparkly new node.js "framework of the week". It's as if they took HTML and JS and ripped all the fat off. It screams optimization.

If Fastmail is running slow, the first thing I do is check my router and internet connection. It's so reliable and snappy that I just assume something is wrong on my end. Everything about their interface feels great and thought out. The only complaint I had -that their mobile interface had a few display quirks- has been voided by the release of their native iOS app (which is just a wrapper for their fantastic JS framework).

I'm their customer, not the advertisers

I pay $40 a year for Fastmail. That's $3.33 a month for something I use every day, multiple times an hour. Because I pay for this product, I get:

  1. Customer service oriented towards my happiness
  2. No ads
  3. A company focused on me, the customer, instead of advertisers
  4. Features targeting users, not advertisers

I cannot stress this enough: pay for what you use. love that I pay Fastmail to handle my email. I enjoy knowing their engineers are making money, improving the app I thoroughly enjoy using. When you don't pay for software, you create a void that must be filled by either selling your data or catering a product to advertisers. Even if you are indifferent, it still creates an environment where engineers are potentially assigned to features that appease advertisers over users.

Nice advanced features

Although Google let me do tricks like, Fastmail let's me take it one step farther. Now I can create special rules like ``. Fastmail will convert this to: `` automatically. I can stack a bunch of filters and rules on top of this and extend it even farther.

Need a simple static website? Redirect a subdomain to a folder and if it sees an index.html file, it treats it like a website.

Nothing is perfect

Even with all these great features, there are still some improvements needed:

  1. There is currently no way for an image to be uploaded for a contact, although Fastmail does support Gravatar. It leads to a lot of contacts in my email without faces, which feels dated.
  2. Some paragraph formatting seems a bit off when displayed on the iOS app


With its clear and concise Privacy Policy, great features and amazing performance, I can't recommend it enough. Fastmail is just fantastic.

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If you have been looking for an alternative to Gmail - and you found fastmail .................. carry on looking.............the good reviews are unfortunately outdated. Or maybe just ok for techies - but for ordinary working moms NOT the way to go. I have used fastmail for nearly 15 years - way before it was bought by opera - and gmail ever since I was forced to. I used to love fastmail. The aliases, the kids could have different accounts The speed of setting up imap accounts, even for me to sync with tablets and phone The interface But over the last three years its gone downhill not by standing still but by changing for the worse. 1.the interface. Simply put - my 10 old year gets lost 2. my mobile experience is too different to the desktop 3. The imap somehow caused a conflict with the new gmail app (which I have to have as work has google professional something or other) meaning I randomly do not get emails. my IT department at work banned me having fastmail 4. Oh and customer service is slow and more serving fastmail SO fastmail gets 1 star out of 5 (I love those aliases) and negative everything else Gmail urgh gets more stars and I reaaally do not like those ads (reliable, iIT friendly, app) and negative those stupid nested emails and those ads! So hunting for a new programme
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